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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the program work?

Your Fundraising Card is FREE! Simply use your Card at participating businesses listed on this website. Each time you use your card a percentage of the transaction (excluding tax and tip) will be donated to the school.

Do I use my Fundraising Card to PAY at participating businesses?

No!, You will still pay with cash, credit card or check at participating businesses. Your fundraising card is swiped through the merchants’ Point of Sale or credit card terminal, and a percentage of the net sale is donated to the school.

When I use my Fundraising Card, is the amount donated Tax Deductible?

Since the business is donating a percentage of the sale to the non-profit organization, the transaction is tax deductible for the business owner, NOT the consumer.

Where can I see how much money I have donated?

Click on “Donation Amount”, and this will display previous transactions, and the total amount donated.

What if I lose my card, will the school still receive their donation amount from my previous spending?

Yes! Each time you use your fundraising card a percentage is automatically donated to the school. Even if you lose your card, all previous purchases will be donated to the school. Please request a replacement card from the school.

Can I give additional cards to friends and family?

Yes! Please request additional cards from the school. Each time friends or family uses the fundraising card a percentage of each sale will be donated to the school. The more people we have using the card, the more funds the school will raise.

Does the Fundraising Card expire?

No! Your fundraising card has no expiration date.

What is the “Purchase Gift Cards” link? How does that work?

You can purchase Gift Cards for local restaurants on our partner site called: fundraisewithsynergy.com. You can select to donate 10% of the sale, and SAVE 10% on the purchase, OR you can donate the full 20% of the sale amount to the school. A drop down giving you these two options will appear when you purchase the Gift Cards.

Can I use my fundraising card to purchase Gift Cards on the fundraisewithsynergy.com website?

No! Your fundraising card is ONLY accepted at participating businesses listed on the www.fundraisewithsynergy.org website. When you purchase GIFT CARDS from fundraisewithsynergy.com , you will use a credit card to make the purchase. You do NOT need to enter your Fundraising Card number.

Do you share my personal information?

No! Synergy has a strict privacy policy. Your personal information is never shared with any 3rd party companies. You can opt-in to receive e-mail notifications of new business updates and special promotions.