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Yummy Meditations

(310) 780-4256
On-line or telephone
Skype or Facetime to book a session
United States

I create Personalized Guided Meditations that enable you to embody the feeling of what you desire as if you already have it. As you feel that,you ready yourself to receive that which you want easily. You put yourself in the position of allowing the universe to dazzle you with it’s magic. I have done this for people in every area of their lives.

It's super fun and everyone basically says Wow, Wow. Wow. That was AMAZING! or something along those lines after it's over. It’s pure love and you get drenched and saturated in that pure love! YUM! People have had so many amazing results from the meditations and my coaching. (I have tons of testimonials if you want to read some!) People tell me listening to the meditations are life changing, they are game changers, they are like listening to source energy talk directly to them.

We do it on skype or facetime, it takes about 60-90 minutes. After we disconnect from our session, it takes me another 30 minutes or so to edit, master it and produce it.

I love to receive $150.00 per meditation or more. You can pay me via paypal, ACH, venmo or a check. Thank you!

I work M-F from 11 am PST